Looking To Hire Workers

Posted 15 Apr 2017

Mayfield Dairy Farms Canada

Anywhere (Sales, CS & Business Devpt)


Well established Dairy Farms Company in the Agricultural industry is looking for the services of a proactive Staff to work in their new location in Toronto, Canada. With a breakdown of 75% admin/sales support and 25% reception and secretarial focus, you will utilize your great project management and organizational skills. The Sales support aspect of your role will encompass the input of technical and detailed orders for the production area. Liaison with clients, general office administration, reception duties and support where required will keep you challenged and busy. If you are a proactive, professionally presented person & want to be part of a growing organization, this could be your next long term role. Please email your confidential CV to us for selection process.Below are other areas of jobs qualification needed :

  1. Heath Science;
  2. Veterinary Doctor;
  3. Nurse;
  4. Agricultural Economics;
  5. Mathematics and Statistics;
  6. Chemical Engineering;
  7. Agricultural Engineering;
  8. Geography;
  9. Architectural Design;
  10. Geology;
  11. Animal Science and Animal Husbandry;
  12. Electrical and Electronics Engineering;
  13. Economics;
  14. Banking and Finance;
  15. Business Administrator;
  16. Botany;
  17. Horticulturist;
  18. Mathematics;
  19. Public Administration;
  20. Sales Marketer;
  21. Art and Design.
  22. Mass Communication;
  23. Building and Civil Engineering;
  24. English and Literature;
  25. International /Civil Law;
  26. Mechanical Engineering;
  27. Teaching Trainee;
  28. Tourism Management;
  29. Catering Management;
  30. Receptionist / waiter;
  31. Customer Service;
  32. Maritime/Boat operator Technician;
  33. Cook /Bar Attendant;
  34. Philosophy /Oceanography;
  35. Environmental Management;
  36. Computer Technician /Programmer;
  37. Food Science and Technology;
  38. Software Quality Assurance Engineering;
  39. Industrial physician;
  40. Micro Biology;
  41. Music;
  42. Agronomy;
  43. Accountant;
  44. Material Engineer.


At Mayfield Dairy Farms, we realize that people are our greatest asset. Why not join our family and become a member of the most dynamic Dairy Farms in Canada? When you work with us…...........
You are working for a well respected, ethical organization, with individuals who have the best minds in the Dairy and Foods Industry. The potential for growth is endless. We recruit talented personnel who share our vision for long-term, and can work towards sustainable growth that is achieved professionally. We need honest, service-oriented, forward-thinking, initiative driven and discerning people to help our customers realize their hopes, dreams and ambitions. Basically, people who are dependable, believe in achieving excellence, open to different ideas and cultures, and enjoy being part of a team. Why not attach your recent resume to us for a position with us?

How to Apply

All interested Applicants should submit their recent resume to us at [email protected] for selection process.