Cloud Architect

Posted 07 Aug 2019

Global Talent Accelerator

Anywhere (Information Technology (IT))


What problems will you tackle

This position is ideal for someone who is an experienced leader in cloud, specifically with large enterprises. In this role you will tackle the strategy around cloud migrations and integrations with legacy systems. You will also play a key role in building a cloud-based advanced analytics platform for enterprise companies for various industries while working alongside a team of data scientists.

You are the ideal candidate if….

You have a solid understanding of cloud computing and technology systems, as well as experience designing and transferring applications to the cloud. You are the type of person that is continually scanning the market for new tools and is up to speed on interesting technologies like serverless architecture: AWS Lambda, IBM Cloud Functions. If you’re interested in AI, Machine-Learning, Predictive Analytics, and BigData this is a great opportunity.


  • 6+ years of experience in systems design, with the ability to architect complex distributed systems and interactions including data flows, common interfaces, APIs
  • Experience designing, deploying and/or maintaining production-grade scalable cloud-based solutions in virtualized environments
  • Experience automating infrastructure provisioning, DevOps
  • Understanding of continuous deployment and cloud-based delivery models
  • Knowledge of containerization and container orchestration technologies such as Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Ability to take a process perspective in solving problems.


  • Certifications with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform or AWS
  • Experience in Data Processing Pipelines: ETL pipelines
  • Knowledge of data warehousing concepts, including; data warehouse technical architectures, infrastructure components.
  • Experience with some scripting languages for infrastructure automation.

How to Apply