Looking To Hire Competent Staffs

Posted 18 Dec 2017

Mayfield Dairy Farms Canada

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Mayfield Dairy Farms Canada is looking for enthusiastic, experienced, reliable, hardworking, creative and fully qualified individuals capable of rendering expertise services. Does this sound like you or someone you know? Then we want to hear from you! Mayfield Dairy Farms Canada is currently welcoming applications in the following disciplines at the Canada Branch:

  1. Heath Science
  2. Veterinary Doctor
  3. Nurse
  4. Agricultural Economics
  5. Mathematics and Statistics
  6. Chemical Engineering
  7. Agricultural Engineering
  8. Geography
  9. Architectural Design
  10. Geology
  11. Animal Science and Animal Husbandry
  12. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  13. Economics
  14. Banking and Finance
  15. Business Administrator
  16. Botany
  17. Horticulturist
  18. Mathematics
  19. Public Administration
  20. Sales Marketer
  21. Art and Design
  22. Mass Communication
  23. Building and Civil Engineering
  24. English and Literature
  25. International /Civil Law
  26. Mechanical Engineering
  27. Teaching Trainee
  28. Tourism Management
  29. Catering Management
  30. Receptionist / waiter
  31. Customer Service
  32. Maritime/Boat operator Technician
  33. Cook /Bar Attendant
  34. Philosophy /Oceanography
  35. Environmental Management
  36. Computer Technician /Programmer
  37. Food Science and Technology
  38. Software Quality Assurance Engineering
  39. Industrial physician
  40. Micro Biology
  41. Music
  42. Agronomy
  43. Accountant
  44. Material Engineer
  45. Foreign/International Language Translators/Interpreters and many more others depending on your field of specialization.

Whatever stage you are in your career, if you are interested in working in an environment where innovation is encouraged, experience is abundant and talent is nurtured, simply reply us with your resume.

How to Apply

All interested Applicants should attach their recent resume to us via e-mail for selection process.It is important to note that Mayfield Dairy Farms required Applicants who is ready to relocate and join us here in Canada.Applicants should also have minimum of 3 Years working experience in the field ap[lying for with a minimum of bachelors degree.You can make further inquiry via our e-mail at mayfieldairyfarms(AT)job4u(DOT)com